Striebig Product Range Vertical Panel Saws


The Striebig vertical panel saw is the universally applicable saw for a wide variety of applications. And most particularly: Striebig is the specialit for any tailor-made solution.

Striebig is exclusevly focusing on one product category: vertical panel saws.

the STRIEBIG... synonym for the vertical panel saw.


HIGH-END: Striebig 4D

Horizontal and vertical workpiece transport operations are performed fully automatically.


PREMIUM: Striebig Control

A high degree of sawing procedure automation and a vast array of equipment options are a matter of course.


RISE TO SUCCESS: Striebig Evolution

For more than a decade the EVOLUTION has maintained its leading position in the hand-guided vertical panel saw sector.


TRIED AND TESTED: Striebig Standard

The STANDARD - both generic term and the world's best-selling saw of its kind - has been successful on the market for more than 40 years.


ENTRY LEVEL: Striebig Compact

Manual sawing or with automatic feed: The COMPACT model series is flexible and economical in use.






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