AWB Single-Shaft-Shredder EZ

AWB Single-Shaft-Shredder powered by Votecs
AWB Single-Shaft-Shredder powered by Votecs

The shredder operates very quietly and dust free: The material to be shredded is firstly deposited into a large hopper, via a hydraulically controlled pusher it is then pressed against the profile rotor. The shredding of the material occurs between a rotor shaft and a fixed opposing knife. The pusher's feed rate is controlled directly and is dependent on the power consumption of the main motor. The fixed screen, located underneath the rotor, determines the desired shavings size. After shredding optional transportation of the shavings takes place via an extraction unit, a screw conveyor or a conveyor belt.

Single-Shaft-Shredder EZ 5/1 - 8/2:

The robust shredders shred materials such as wood, cardboard, plastic and many others economically and effectively. The EZ 5/1 - 8/2 series shredders are compact and designed for high performance. The shredders can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements for throughput volume, material to be processed, etc.

Single-Shaft-Shredder EZ 10/2 - 15/2:

The shredder was designed for shredding of large material quantities. The single-shaft shredders are suitable for shredding all types of woods, and hard and tough plastics.

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