Vertical panel saws

Striebig Compact Vertikalsäge
Striebig Compact - Die Universal-Klasse der Striebig Vertikalsägen

Every vertical panel saw worldwide, regardless of the manufacturer, is still based on Striebig's basic principle: traversing saw beam, fixed vertical cutting point, 90° swivelling saw unit and a moving support frame. Striebig has played a decisive role in developing the vertical panel saw from the simple basic machine for rough cutting into a high-precision sizing cut saw with automated sequenzes.

Independent of size and type, the principle with all Striebig panel saws is the sizing cut. The particularly stable self-supporting frame and numerois detail features guarantee precise, accurate cuts with perfect edges. For Striebig, cutting precision is a matter of course. With the digital measuring system (optional), you can measure and cut to an accuracy of 1/10 mm.

The parts and assemblies critical for such a precise cut are manufactured to an accuracy of 1/10 mm. The guide rail and central support are milled to a precision fo 1/100 mm and the support rollers are ground to a precision of 1/100 mm, ensuring that all three levels are parallel. This is the guarantee for yor sizing cut.

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